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So who we are...

We are a team that loves to code! We have been developing web applications for the last ten years. We have a vast experience in the field of web development and we specialize in social media applications.

We are fluent in Django and Python, speak C# and .Net as native tonge and are bilingual with Android (Java) and iPhone/iPad (objective C). We work fast, devlop and deliver within days. We prefer to start early and get things out of the way.

So if you know what you wish to build and you want to cut the bullshit and get it done, Give us a call. We will code for you!


We are Front-End and Back-End developers with an extensive experience with big sites and big organizations. We help organizations to develop them system, we can join to existing team and help them in specific issue,or just help to shortening time and get the job done earlier. Or we can start from scratch, and take the project from design to production.
We believe that working closely with the customer and working in his space, get the things done faster and better.


  • Web - Client Side XHTML , Ajax, HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery SilverLight.
  • Web - Server Side , MVC, Asp classic, PHP.
  • Services Web Services, Wcf.
  • DBs All the popular DBs.
  • Application C# , VB.NET, VB6, Java, C, C ++, Python.
  • Android Android Native Application including NDK.
  • Apple Apple Native Application for Iphone and Ipad.
  • Mobile Web App PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch.
  • Socail Application in Facebook and mobile.